About Jennifer Lilley: Through Thick & Thin

I used to be large. Cheez Whiz-eating, plus-size appliqué sweater-wearing large.

Then I lost 70 pounds (that’s 245,000 calories!) with the Medifast meal plan. That was in 2007.  Since then, I’ve kept the weight off on my own.  That’s right, I’ve kept it off for over SIX years!

The success has led to features and ad appearances in national magazines like People, Women’s Health, COSMOPOLITAN, Martha Stewart Weddings and Fitness. I’ve also been in local print and broadcast media. Exciting!

Every day though, those temptations still lurk . . . and, yes, I’ve given in at times. But the difference between now and then is that a second helping now is no longer a third, or yes, a fourth. And there’s plenty of exercise, which I truly enjoy.

So, I’ve literally and figuratively been on both sides of the scale. Flabby Road stems from that journey, and offers everyone relatable insight through honesty and humor.

About Flabby Road

For anyone who has ever sucked in their tummy, wanted to bulk up, tone up, or give up, Flabby Road is for them.

Writings like, The Day the Scale Came to the Motel 6,” and Psssst . . . Hey You, Wanna try Some Phenethylamine?” dish up lighthearted, yet thought-provoking commentaries about weight/fitness and health –and society’s ongoing relationship with it. Flabby Road uses a blend of humor, tongue-in-cheek spunk and heartfelt honesty.

What makes Flabby Road different is that it’s intentionally void of calorie-counting tips and “shame on you for having seconds” musings; it’s a refreshing departure that inspires, entertains and motivates. It is not yet another look about a new fad written by the celeb of the moment, but rather written by someone who knows about everything from being shunned by people to appearing in People, stretch marks to sarcastic remarks and lycopene to love handles.

More . . . 

Jennifer Lilley is a writer who contributes content for The Budget Fashionista, part of the Simply Good Media blog network (parent company: TBF Group, LLC) which reaches a global audience of more than 12 million+ unique visitors a year. The sole mission of TBF Group, LLC, is to teach you how to live your best on less. The Budget Fashionista has been featured in thousands of media outlets including CNN, USA TODAY and InStyle.

She also maintains another blog, Jen Lilley’s Thought Buffet, filled with slice-of-life commentaries about that funny thing called life.

She’s held several corporate and creative writing positions during her public relations and advertising agency careers. Additionally, her work has been published on a freelance basis in local media.

Jennifer is the winner of  Freehold Borough Arts Council’s essay contest which outlined her vision for the borough’s mural.

She also keeps her camera close by; check out some of her images here.


Questions or comments? Email me: flabbyroad@yahoo.com


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  1. Jen, very nicely done. Congratulations.
    Mom, Dad and Daisy

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